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The future of tacker design?

We recently made a custom logo tacker for the owner of the brewery-in-planning Devil's Cock Brewing Co, that will be located in Pennsylvania. 

The owner, Christopher, is an out-of-the-box thinker who wanted to do something no one else was doing with his tacker designs.

His first release, a simple logo tacker, (embossed, full color, laser cut to custom shape, and kickass artwork), sold out in record time. He kept the run exactly at 105 pieces.

Christopher kept the majority of the tackers to self-distribute, but TinTackers.com was allowed to purchase a handful of them to sell. Ours sold out in about 4 days. We continue to get inquiries on whether more will ever be available.

Custom embossed tacker for Devil's Cock Brewing Co

For his second release, Christopher was full of ideas: he wanted to have print on both sides of the tacker, with his logo, date of production, and a few other items. And get this...he wanted each tacker to be individually numbered 1-100. 

Boom. We are able to print variable data on our tackers, so we had no issues meeting his request. Voila! The "What Is the Devil Brewing" tacker.

What is the Devil Brewing tacker from Devil's Cock Brewing CoThe back side of the What is the Devil Brewing tacker from Devil's Cock Brewing Co

So what's next for Devil's Cock Brewing Co? While I can't report on the status of the brewery itself, I do know they have three more back-to-back releases of tackers next month, including:

  • Pussy Cat Porter
  • High as the Devil Cannabis Beer
  • The Devil's Greatest Achievement Breakfast Stout

For this go around, Christopher is experimenting with thicker gauge aluminum on one of the designs. 

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If you are one of the few that got your hands on a limited tacker from the soon-to-be Devil's Cock Brewing Co, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. 

Check out the What is the Devil Brewing tacker in our shop. 

To the owner of Devil's Cock Brewing Company: Bravo. You're pushing the envelope when it comes to tacker design. 

To our custom tacker clients: Yes, we can do double-sided printing, thicker gauge aluminum and variable data. And why not try experimenting with limited production runs?

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