Sweet metal beer signs that will make your walls happy.

About Us

Welcome to my store. I am Jen Kocher, founder of TinTackers. I started this company because I love craft beer. I am obsessed with beer label art. I admire craft beer's ability to be communal, to be social, to be inclusive. 

At TinTackers, we specialize in metal signs from hard working American craft breweries, because we believe in the little guy. Oh, and we also think everyone who drinks craft beer should show off the breweries that they adore. 

There I am, second from right. 

Cheers, Jen

Jen Kocher, founder of TinTackers


Contact TinTackers:

844-8-TACKER  that's toll free (844) 882-2537

2228 E Venado Dr, New River, AZ 85087 

TinTackers is a division of Peculiar Elephant, Inc. 

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