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What is a "Tin Tacker"?

When I chose the name TinTackers for my business, I got a lot of questioning from my family and friends. "Tin what?" was a common response. 

Unless you are a collector, chances are you have never even heard of tin tackers.

Just what the heck are tin tackers? My answer has always been simple: collectible embossed aluminum signs

Embossed aluminum sign Tin Tacker from Pinthouse Brewing Co

But I wanted to go deeper about where the term came from.

So why not ask chatgpt?

"Where did the term 'tin tackers' come from?" I typed into my keyboard. 

Embossed aluminum brewery sign for Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co tin tacker

Here was my response (within about a half a second, I might add):

The term "tin tackers" is often used to refer to vintage or antique metal signs that were commonly made from tin or other metals. These signs typically have advertisements, logos, or decorative designs printed or embossed on them. They are often associated with nostalgic or retro aesthetics and are popular collector's items.

The term "tin tacker" seems to have originated from a combination of the material (tin) and the action of attaching or "tacking" these signs to various surfaces. These signs were often nailed or tacked onto walls, storefronts, or other structures to display advertisements or messages.

It's worth noting that the term might be more of a colloquialism within collector communities and might not have an extensively documented historical origin. The use of metal signs for advertising and decorative purposes dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the term "tin tacker" likely emerged over time as a convenient way to describe these types of collectible signs made from metal.

Modern Times Beer Tin Tacker Metal Brewery Sign

So there you have it. A pretty comprehensive answer to the origin of the term.

But what about now? What does the term tin tackers mean today? 

Cooper's Brewing Co tin tacker metal beer sign tin tacker

Well first, tin has been replaced by aluminum as the chosen lightweight, cost effective and readily available metal.

And second, tin tackers are used by nearly every conceivable industry, including breweries, distilleries, cannabis companies, coffee roasters, food distributors, various trades...the list goes on and on. 

Really, what brand wouldn't want to see their logo come to life in an impressive embossed tin tacker?

So let's hear it...how do you describe a tin tacker? 

Black Rifle Coffee Company Tin Tacker Metal Sign
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