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7 Trends in Custom Embossed Aluminum Tacker Signs for 2021

Thinking about custom tackers for your business?  At TinTackers, we are producing custom tackers at unprecedented levels...and some trends are unveiling themselves. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you are finalizing your custom designs.

1. Eye-catching beer labels. Sure, it will always be trendy to showcase your main logo on a tacker. But if you are ready for the next level, why not give your loyal patrons another reason to buy and continue helping to build your brand? 

Kinkaider Brewing Co (Broken Bow, Nebraska): in addition to their main logo, Kinkaider created tackers for each of their flagship beers: Dan the Wiser Kolsch, Devil's Gap Jalapeno Ale, Herd Law Honey Wheat Ale, Snow Beast Winter Ale and Star Snake Dank IPA. 

2. Higher gauge aluminum exudes quality. Looking for something that will set you apart in terms of quality? Go with a higher gauge aluminum. Even moving from the standard .024 aluminum (your typical tacker), to a .032 can make a significant difference. 

Icewind Brewing Co (Mapleton, North Dakota) is adamant about all of their merchandise consistently reflecting the quality of their beer and brand. They went with a .032 tacker for a heavier, more substantial feel. 

3. Get crazy with custom laser cuts and cut outs. Why stick with a standard round, square or rectangle tacker when you can do a custom design for a nominal difference in price? There is no limit to the designs our custom laser cutters can create. 

Frequentum Brewing (Canandaigua, New York) went all out with their custom laser cut logo tacker design of a beer-drinking, snow-skiing skeleton. 

Cour Four Brewing Co (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) did an edgy, highly detailed cut out that really shows off their awesome logo. 

4. Showcasing quirky characters that tell your brand's story. Just like a sports team has a mascot, a character can help tell your story, establish your brand identity and foster a culture around your brand. 

Rickety Cricket Brewing Co (Kingman, Arizona): Who wouldn't want this growler totin', bike ridin', beer lovin' Orthoptera to be their wall's new conversation piece? 

Uncle Bear's Brewery (Arizona) uses a sombrero-wearing chihuahua to promote their popular Mexican Lager. 

Mad Swede Brewing Co (Boise, Idaho) features the beer loving, hop-beard donning, monster green viking known as "Mad Swede."

5. Recognizable images without logos. Is your brand image recognizable enough to stand alone, devoid of any branding? Try it! 

Beer Zombies (Las Vegas, Nevada). Notice how there is no branding of any kind on the tacker. The hop-bearded zombie was enough to stand on its own and is one of our most popular tackers. 

6. Events are back! Boy, did we miss our live events in 2020. This year, we are all hoping live events are back in some form. And we'll be ready with custom tackers to help promote the festivities when they are!

Arizona Strong Beer Fest celebrated its 20th festival last year. Event-themed tackers can be effective fundraisers ahead of and during the live event.  

7. Expanding to different industries. Already, it seems that every niche within the alcoholic beverage industry wants tackers of their own (breweries, distilleries, meaderies, wineries, ciders, hard seltzers, etc.). And now other industries are joining the fun. From the  cannabis and vaping industries, to coffee roasters, construction companies, artisan foods and ingredient companies....more and more marketing teams are seeing the value of providing their accounts with promotional tackers. 

Top Shelf Cultivation (Long Beach, California): indoor cannabis farm and one of our first cannabis industry clients. 

Fermly Craft Beer Laboratory (Denver, Colorado) provides lab services to the craft beer industry. 

Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters (Boise, Idaho). There is a growing trend in coffee roasters providing tackers to their accounts. 

So what's next? We've got a few things up our sleeves. In the next few weeks we will be launching mini tackers and ornament tackers...making it easy for companies with lower merchandise budgets to get in on the fun. We're also working with a handful of companies to produce some oversized, large profile tackers.

At TinTackers, we can do just about any size, shape and quantity of the highest quality embossed aluminum signs, made right here in the US! Check out our portfolio of custom tackers here and shoot us an email at jen@tintackers.com when you're ready to discuss custom tackers of your own! 


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