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Getting crafty with brewery stickers

Normally, I'm pretty crafty. But I was searching for some inspiration on what to do with my giant brewery sticker collection, besides keeping them in books and boxes where no one could see. Sure I put a few on my beer fridge, but other than that I was hesitant to adhere my precious stickers to anything permanently.

So I asked the members of the facebook group Brewery Stickers and Beer Stickers Collectors & Traders to share some photos of their collections. Did they ever deliver. Beer fridges, walls, coolers...the photos kept pouring in. 

Home bar of Alexander W, who shared his process with me. Alexander placed each sticker on magnet paper, painted the wall with magnetic primer, then painted over it with normal paint. 

Beer fridges seem to be the most common thing that collectors add brewery stickers to. Some collectors shared that they had specific criteria for adding a sticker (it has to be from a brewery they personally visited or it has to be from a craft brewery in their home state, etc.).

John M in Canada made an entire beer wall in his garage, including a beer fridge. 

And some took the time to cut magnets to each sticker, so that if the fridge "craps out," their coveted stickers can migrate to its replacement. 

This magnificent refrigerator belongs to Todd W, who bought a large magnet sheet roll on ebay. Todd cut the magnet sheet to the size of the refrigerator door, and adhered the stickers directly to the magnet. When the refrigerator bites the dust, Todd plans to remove the handles, pull the magnets, and add to the new fridge.  

But it wasn't just refrigerators, walls and coolers. Collectors shared their unique items too, like an old trunk, a fish tank (yes, a fish tank!), a laptop, a tabletop and more.  

Ashlee D started placing beer stickers on this old trunk after their refrigerator gave out. They had to start their collection from scratch. 

The laptop belonging to John M. John plans to start a set of cornhole boards next. 

Willie F built a table out of a Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel. He used 2 part epoxy to seal some of his beer labels to create this unique addition to his patio. 

Several collectors shared photos of the brewery stickers adhered to their vehicles windows and bumpers. 

Faron E shared that he is constantly losing stickers and updating due to inclement weather in Washington state. 

Photo provided by Joe P

Several of the photos shared left me wanting to see more of their collection. Often times the photos cut off where other collections began...collectible beer cans, tin tackers, and stashes of craft beer. 

Photo from Mike K. Forget the beer fridge...that is an impressive rack. And I see tin tackers on that wall! I want to see that entire room. 

This project made me long for beer festivals to return. 

Timothy R's "trash can kegerator." It has 5 taps (four 5-gallon kegs and one 1-gallon keg). Pre-pandemic, Timothy would serve his homebrewed beer and ciders at beer festivals. 

The most unique item award goes to Jeremy S, who covered his fish tank in brewery stickers. 

The most photogenic award goes to Josh I, who didn't have much to say about his incredibly impressive wall. 


So where do our collectors obtain brewery stickers? Visiting breweries of course, where stickers are often available for purchase or if you're lucky, they're complimentary. Be sure to ask because they don't always have them out.

Pre-pandemic, beer festivals were a great place to pick up some free brewery schwag.

A handful of breweries will send you free stickers if you send them a self addressed stamped envelope. 

It is often cost prohibitive to purchase them online from breweries, due to shipping costs. And that is only when they are available online. That is why my team created Sticker Drop Fridays, where every Friday morning we drop 50 + brewery sticker designs in our online store. Some of the stickers are purchased direct from the brewery and others are purchased from private collections. Stickers start at just a buck and come with free shipping. Some are available in extremely limited quantity. 

A preview of this Friday's sticker drop, which will occur Friday morning at 10:00 AM Pacific time on TinTackers.com. (EDIT: Sticker drops have switched to Tuesdays at 6 AM Pacific beginning 5/18/21)

And when you have acquired enough stickers and you are ready to share the love and trade, please join us at Brewery Stickers and Beer Stickers Collectors & Traders on facebook. 

Want to see the more photos shared? Keep reading...


Brian P and his sticker-covered toolbox 

Nikki B puts all of her stickers on magnetic paper. 


Brittany D gets crafty with framed collages. 

Another framed collage from Danielle C.

Beer label fridge from Troy M.

Dan Z's beer fridge. Each sticker was made into a magnet, mostly from the Minnesota area. 


Brian G shared photos of his furniture covered in brewery stickers. 

Tom R covered a keg in beer stickers. Why not? 

Josh I got most of his Michigan brewery stickers from local beer fests, where they give away a ton of free swag. 

Janet H had to start her collection over. Now she puts each sticker on magnet paper first. 


Not much room left on this fridge and cooler from Kent Y.

Colorful beer fridge from Michael S. 

Even the guest house gets a beer fridge at Willlie F's place. 

More competition coming from Duane F.

...and Stacey L

...and Jesse S.

Andrew F trimmed his stickers then used 1/4" x 1/8" neodymium magnets to secure them to the fridge. 

This beer fridge photo from Joseph M makes me want to explore the room. 


Two photos from Mark F. I'm wondering if Mark had a beer fridge fatality in the past. Doesn't it appear that he mounted his old refrigerator doors? 

Beer labels cover the garage door at the home of Christian O. 


A couple more beer fridges from Jason B (left) and Rick B (right). 

Jay M only allows Minnesota craft brewery stickers to don his garage bar. 

Hope you enjoyed these and that they inspired a little creativity of your own. Have a brewery sticker project of your own? Send a pic to jen@tintackers.com and we may share it on social media. 

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