Sweet metal beer signs that will make your walls happy.

Do you want to be a Brand Ambassador?

Why is it that so many breweries don't have custom tackers? Do they think they can't afford them? Or have no idea where to get them? Or maybe they just haven't had time to look into custom tin tackers of their own? 

Perhaps you can help!

Over the years, we've often had customers ask if we had some sort of liaison program, where they could be rewarded for incentivising breweries to get custom tackers through TinTackers. 

We're finally organizing an incentive program. We are calling it the TinTackers Brand Ambassador Program.

Is this for you? Well, maybe.

Do you personally collect tin tackers? Do you like visiting breweries in your area? Are you comfortable asking who the decision maker is? If that person is YOU, then we would love to talk to you about being a TinTackers Brand Ambassador! 

Here's how it would work. Talk to your local breweries that don't have tackers. Turn over the lead to us, and we will take it from there.

There is no selling or closing, or even follow up. 

It's simple...if they end up ordering custom tackers of their own, you get free stuff

Interested in being a TinTackers Brand Ambassador? Let us know by emailing jen@TinTackers.com. We will share the details!

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