Sweet metal beer signs that will make your walls happy.

Unveiling Delaware's Hidden Gem: The Elevator of Brewery Tin Tackers

On the shores of Delaware lies an unsuspecting private residence that harbors a treasure trove of brewery tin tackers, displayed in the most interesting way. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this residence holds a secret that is both awe-inspiring and unique—an elevator shaft adorned with an extraordinary collection of brewery “tin tackers,” covering nearly every square inch of wall space.

Door to the third floor elevator

What exactly are brewery tin tackers? These are metal signs, typically featuring brewery logos, slogans, or can art, used to promote various beer brands. They're prized by collectors for their nostalgic charm and unique designs, making them a sought-after item among beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Inside Elevator Cab

Meet Laura, the woman behind this remarkable collection. A native Baltimore girl with a passion for craft beer and a penchant for collecting, Laura's journey into the world of breweriana began two decades ago with bottle caps. These small tokens from local microbreweries sparked a desire to acquire more, and to discover fun tin tackers, leading to an obsession that would eventually transform her barn door into an objet d’art, and her elevator into a masterpiece. 

A peek inside Laura's art studio

With an understanding of construction and electrical, Laura finished the interior of the elevator and completed the electrical installation herself. Now, nearly every spare inch of wall space in her elevator shaft is covered with these eye-catching pieces of brewery memorabilia, which have been rearranged too many times to count.

First floor of Laura's elevator shaft of tin tackers

What sets Laura's collection apart, however, is not just its size, but its presentation. Rather than simply hanging tackers on walls, Laura ingeniously transformed her working elevator into a rotating gallery, allowing visitors to experience her collection in a dynamic and interactive way. With each ride, guests are treated to a new selection of tackers, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that delights beer enthusiasts and art aficionados alike.

Laura's elevator shaft middle floor full of tin tackers

Laura is especially drawn to tackers that are politically incorrect, nostalgic, or double entendre, and visitors will find these funny tackers at every turn. Laura's elevator isn't just a showcase for her collection—it's a labor of love, a meticulously curated space, where each tacker has found its rightful place. Laura has turned her elevator into a true masterpiece, elevating the humble tin tacker to new heights of appreciation.

Laura's elevator shaft middle level wall of tin tackersEqually impressive as the elevator shaft is her bottle cap collection, displayed in such a way that gives a nod to her Baltimore roots. A true artist, Laura has created a Raven and an Oriole, each adorning one side of a barn door. The Oriole was meticulously laid out with not a single repeated cap. 

Laura's bottle cap art: Baltimore Oriole with no repeating caps


Laura's Bottle cap art: Baltimore Raven

Who, you may ask, is most excited about Laura’s impressive collection? Why, it’s the elevator repair service man, who considers himself lucky to come once a year to perform routine maintenance. 

Laura's elevator shaft middle level side wall covered with tin tackersFor Laura, her collection is more than just a hobby—it's a reflection of her love for craft beer and her commitment to preserving its rich history and culture. Through her elevator of brewery tin tackers, she invites others to share in her passion, sparking conversations and forging connections among fellow enthusiasts.

Laura's studio door to her collection of tin tackers and beer bottle caps

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