Sweet metal beer signs that will make your walls happy.

The best gift for yourself: Fresh Tin in your mailbox, every month.

A funny thing happened the other day when I was looking over the results of the last survey from our customers. It dawned on me that a new tacker of the month club HAD to be in our future.

Many of you asked for a brewery tacker of the month...super simple, just a brewery logo, no theme of the month, with exclusive small run tackers only available to members. 

So the idea of the Brewery Tacker of the Month Club was born. 

Each month, members will receive their exclusive tacker (the only other way to purchase one is at the brewery). 

Mailbox holding your Brewery Tacker of the Month subscription box

Oh and yes, it is a surprise each month.

But if you ever want to know in advance, email me and I will share that month's tacker with you (if you promise not to tell!).

The tackers are all roughly the same size, printed on a 12" x 12" sheet. 

Example of a 12" brewery tin tacker

The photo shown here is NOT one of our brewery tackers of the month, but it is a great example of what one could be! The Cooper's Family Brewing tin tacker is a brewery logo tacker, custom cut, and printed on a 12" x 12" sheet, just like our tacker of the month. 

These tackers are custom shapes - we will have no more than one circle tacker per calendar year.

And just how do we come up with the tacker of the month?? That's easy...I pick what I think are the coolest brewery logos.

Each month, the tacker will come with a card stating the name of the brewery and the location, and a 4" sticker to match the tacker. That's it. Simple, no fuss.

Super easy to manage your subscription online, and you can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time. 

Guy managing his Tin Tacker subscription on his phone

And of course, just like our Mini Tacker of the Month, members will receive access to past months tackers (if they are not sold out), and get an exclusive discount code to use on any purchases at TinTackers.com.

Members get preferred pricing on TinTackers.com

We already have the first 4 months of tackers almost complete and just about ready to ship. That's why we are making it extremely limited as we ease into this new monthly subscription. 

Stacks of Tin Tackers ready to ship

Originally we were going to launch in June, but I already have everything ready to go, so we decided not to wait any longer. The tacker of the month will be shipped on the 15th of each month beginning in May. 

The Brewery Tacker of the Month Club is $29.99 per month including shipping. At this time, it is available only to US residents.

All tackers are shipped via USPS First Class Mail with tracking.

SOLD OUT - join the waitlist to be notified when space is available. 

Launching new subscription box The Brewery Tacker of the Month from TinTackers.com



EDIT 4/24/2023: We are now sold out for the first box that is shipped on May 15. We will be opening a few more spots for the June box, so join the waitlist so we can notify you when sign ups are open! 


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