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What impacts the price of a custom tacker?

There is nothing like seeing your brand POP for the first time in a 3D tacker. As custom embossed aluminum signs surge in popularity, many companies are finding themselves shopping for custom tackers for the first time. 

I am often asked, "what impacts the price of a custom tacker?"

The truth is, there are SO MANY factors that can impact the price of a custom embossed aluminum sign.  

Here I will reveal some of the factors having biggest impact on pricing. 

Size. Arguably the biggest influence on a tacker's price is simply its size. And the reason is obvious: the less the amount of material used, the lower the price. 

Quantity. The economies of scale are at play here, people. The more you buy, the less you'll pay per unit. 100 units is typically the magic number - if you can order 100 or more units at a time, you will pay significantly less per unit than if you order in smaller quantities. Our MOQ is 25. Price breaks are: 25/50/100/250/500/750/1000. 

Shape. Standard size circle tackers are the best price per square inch. Our standard sizes are 8", 12", 16", 18", 24". For these sizes, we have standard dies, which means we save the step of having to laser cut each tacker and we pass that savings on to you. Other than circles, there is not much (if any) price difference between rectangular, square or custom cuts. 

Number of colors, possibly. This one is complicated. In smaller quantities and/or on smaller size tackers, to be the most cost effective, we will likely print digitally. When we print digitally, the number of colors don't impact the price. In the higher quantities, or on the larger tackers, when possible, we can screen print and the pricing per unit can sometimes be lower than digital print. Come to think of it, "digital vs. screen" needs it's own blog post and I don't want to be too overwhelming. So just know that we evaluate your artwork to determine when it makes sense to digitally print, and when it is best to screen print.

There are certainly other factors too, like thickness of aluminum, printing on natural aluminum, using metallic inks, etc. But this is a pretty good start.   

Overwhelmed? I hope not. Whatever your industry, if you are looking to make your brand pop with a custom tacker of your own, shoot us a message. Include the image that you're considering. Send an email to jen@TinTackers.com. 

Want to get inspired? Click here to see a portfolio of the recent custom tackers we've done for our partners. 

Good luck with your project!

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